Ethylene synthesis inhibition effects on oxidative stress and in vitro conservation of Lippia filifolia (Verbenaceae)

Efeitos da Inibição da síntese do etileno no estresse oxidativo e na conservação in vitro de Lippia filifolia (Verbenaceae)

MR. Pimenta C. Ribeiro CQG. Soares GC. Mendes VF. Braga LB. Reis WC. Otoni CF. Resende LF. Viccini PHP. Peixoto About the authors

This study aimed to investigate the effects of ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors on oxidative metabolisms and the in vitro conservation of Lippia filifolia, using the lipid peroxidation index (TBARS), antioxidative enzymes and pigments as biomarkers. We found that EDTA, sodium thiosulfate (STS) and especially Co had protective effects on oxidative stress in tissues cultured in vitro, resulting in a delay of the senescence and the reduction of subcultures frequency, con-tributing to the germplasm conservation of this species.

ethylene inhibitors; TBARS; ROS; micropropagation; germplasm conservation

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