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A new genus and species of enantiornithine bird from the Early Cretaceous of Brazil

Um novo gênero e espécie de Ave enantiornithine do Cretáceo Inferior do Brasil

The fossil record of birds in Gondwana is almost restricted to the Late Cretaceous. Herein we describe a new fossil from the Araripe Basin, Cratoavis cearensis nov. gen et sp., composed of an articulated skeleton with feathers attached to the wings and surrounding the body. The present discovery considerably extends the temporal record of the Enantiornithes birds at South America to the Early Cretaceous. For the first time, an almost complete and articulated skeleton of an Early Cretaceous bird from South America is documented.

Cratoavis cearensis nov. gen et sp.; Araripe Basin; Fossil bird

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