Characterization of mixed infections with different strains of bovine rotavirus in an outbreak of diarrhea in dairy herds in Goiás, Brazil

Caracterização de infecções mistas por diferentes cepas de rotavirus bovino em um surto de diarréia em Goiás, Brasil

Wilia Marta Elsner Diederichsen de Brito Veridiana Munford André Martins Villaça Thabata Alessandra Ramos Caruzo Maria-Lucia Rácz About the authors

Ten faecal samples of bovine rotavirus from calves less than 30 days old from an outbreak of diarrhea in Hidrolândia, Goiás, Brazil were submitted to serological and molecular characterization, using enzyme immunoassay for subgrouping and serotyping, PAGE for determination of electropherotypes and PCR for genome typing. Nine samples belonged to group A/subgroup I rotavirus and one sample was group A / subgroup non-I/non-II. Four samples were characterized as G10P[11] (B223-like), four samples showed a mixture of two rotavirus strains (G6G10 and P[5]P[11]), one sample was characterized as G6P[11] and one sample was characterized only by G serotyping/genotyping, and did not react with any P primer used. Two electropherotypes were detected and both were present in the same animal. This study demonstrates that two different electropherotypes and/or serotypes of bovine rotavirus can circulate in the same outbreak.

rotavirus; diarrhea; bovine; genotyping; serotyping

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