Bismuth subsalicylate as filler particle for an experimental epoxy-based root canal sealer


AIM: To evaluate the influence of bismuth subsalicylate addition in different concentrations on theproperties ofan experimental epoxy-based root canal sealer. METHODS: Bismuth subsalicylate in 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and 120 wt% was added tothe sealer. Flow, film thickness, working time, setting time, dimensional change, sorption, solubility and cytotoxicity were evaluated according to ISO standard. Data were statistically analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Tukey'stest with a significance level of 5% for all tests. RESULTS:The flow, working and setting times significantly decreased withincreasing particle concentration. The film thickness, dimensional change, water sorption and solubility values significantly increased with higher particle amount. The results for cytotoxicity showed no statistically significant differences among the particle proportions. CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that the addition up to 80% wt of bismuth subsalicylate appears to be a promising filler particle to root canal sealer development.

root canal; cement; endodontics; bismuth subsalicylate

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