Comparative in vitro antioxidant potential of different parts of Ipomoea asarifolia, Roemer & Schultes, Guiera senegalensis, J. F. Gmel and Anisopus mannii N. E. Brown

In this study, the radical scavenging capacity of Guiera senegalensis, Ipomoea asarifolia and Anisopus mannii were compared. The ascorbic acid equivalent of the stem bark (2.1 mM), leaves (2.05 mM) and root barks (1.89 mM) of Guiera senegalesis are much higher than any part of Ipomoea asarifolia or Anisopus manii. The stem bark, leaves and root bark of Guiera Senegalensis had IC50 of 15.4, 20.0 and 17.0 µL respectively, while corresponding parts of Ipomoea asarifolia showed IC50 of 50, 42 and 65 µL, respectively. These results suggest that Guiera senegalensis and Ipomoea asarifolia possess significant antioxidant capacities to warrant further detailed studies on the role of this property in their therapeutic effects.

Ipomoea asarifolia; Guiera senegalensis; Anisopus mannii

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