Anti-diabetic effects of Campomanesia xanthocarpa (Berg) leaf decoction

Anapaula Sommer Vinagre Ângela Della'Santa Rubio Origuella Rönnau Sabrina Francisco Pereira Lídia Uliano da Silveira Elenir de Fátima Wiilland Edna Sayuri Suyenaga About the authors

The objective of this research was to identify the effects of 3-week treatment of normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats using a leaf decoction of Campomanesia xanthocarpa Berg. (20 g/L) on physiological, biochemical and histological parameters. Streptozotocin (STZ, 70 mg/kg in citrate buffer, pH 4.5) was administered IP to induce experimental diabetes one week prior to the treatment. STZ caused typical diabetic symptoms: polydypsia, polyuria, polyphagia, hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia and histopathological modifications in the pancreas, liver and kidney. The treatment of diabetic rats using the decoction decreased blood glucose levels, inhibited hepatic glycogen loss, and prevented potential histopathological alterations in the pancreas and kidneys. No differences were found between the control rats treated with the decoction and the control rats maintained on water only. In conclusion, these results suggest that C. xanthocarpa leaf decoction (20g/L) might be useful for diabetes mellitus management, but further pharmacological and toxicological studies are needed.

Campomanesia xanthocarpa; Diabetes Mellitus; Hypoglycemic plant; Histology; Carbohydrate; Lipid

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