Influence of different diluents and cooling temperatures on the quality of boar semen

Edna KOTZIAS-BANDEIRA About the author

Six ejaculates were collected from six different boars for dilution with Androhep, BTS and Merck III and cooling in different temperatures. After examination (appearance, volume, motility, concentration and morphology of acrosomal ridges [NAR]) the semen was in 100 ml fragmented (2 bi./ml) and dilutes (1+1). The fractions were slowly (32ºC <FONT FACE="Symbol">Þ</FONT> 20ºC <FONT FACE="Symbol">Þ</FONT> 17ºC <FONT FACE="Symbol">Þ</FONT> 5ºC) or rapidly (32ºC <FONT FACE="Symbol">Þ</FONT> 5ºC) cooling for 2, 24 or 48 hours. After this period 5 ml semen were for 30 min by 38ºC incubated and examined. The cooling of the different fractions was measured in the semen with an electronic thermometer (Therm Typ 2280-8, Fa. Minitüb - from -200,0 until +600.0ºC). The slow cooling showed a visible motility increase (p<0.05) and acrome integrity (NAR) than the rapid cooling. There was no significant difference (p<0.05) between Androhep and BTS dilute, but the Merck III dilute has a bad influence on the quality of boar semen.

Diluents; Pigs; Refrigeration

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