Composition and diversity of phytophilous cladocerans of oxbow lakes of Southwest Amazonian, Acre state, Brazil

Composição e diversidade de cladóceros fitófilos de lagos de meandro do sudoeste da Amazônia, estado do Acre, Brasil

Guilherme Sampaio Cabral Ronaldo Souza da Silva Ronnilda Maria Gonçalves Araujo André Ricardo Ghidini About the authors


The objective of this study was to inventory the community of cladocerans associated with macrophytes in oxbow lakes of the Chandless River, located within the Chandless State Park, during the local dry season. In three lakes covered with macrophytes, 90 sample units were collected, arranged over nine transects. Twenty species of cladocerans were found, which 16 are new records for the state of Acre. Mascote Lake had the largest abundance and richness, while São João Lake had the lowest indexes. The Shannon-Wiener index points to an average diversity within the work area, probably due to the difference in richness and abundance between the lakes.

Cladocera; Freshwater; Macrophytes; Species Inventory.

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