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Forced copulation attempt in the Blue-tailed Lizard, Micrablepharus maximiliani (Reinhardt & Luetken, 1862) (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) in the Caatinga of Northeastern Brazil

Tentativa de cópula forçada no lagartinho-do-rabo-azul, Micrablepharus maximiliani (Reinhardt & Luetken, 1862) (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) na Caatinga do Nordeste do Brasil

Forced copulation is characterized by jerky and rapid movements performed by a female in an apparent attempt to escape from a mounting male. This short communication reports a forced copulation attempt by the gymnophthalmid lizard Micrablepharus maximiliani in a forest enclave inside the Caatinga biome, Tenente Laurentino Cruz municipality, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The rejection behavior of the female consisted of running, pushing and hiding from the mounting male. Although the causes of female mate rejection remain unclear, it may be possible that on this occasion the female M. maximiliani may not have been reproductively active and/or avoided the male deliberately.

female rejection behaviors; forced mating; unsolicited copulation; gymnophthalmid lizard; semi-arid

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