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Bryophytes checklist (Antocerotophyta, Bryophyta and Marchantiophyta) of São Paulo State

All publications mentioning samples from state of São Paulo were revised and 10 names of uncertain occurrence were excluded. All taxa included had samples from the state of São Paulo and are deposited in indexed herbaria. We found 1,324 bryophytes species, including nine Antocerotophyta, 740 to Bryophyta and 575 to Marchantiophyta. We checked at last one sample of these 1,000 names and 324 taxa was cited based on literature. One hundred thirty nine of the taxa recognized in this list have a single citation to present knowledge of the species, this is the type locality in the state of São Paulo. Prospects for bryophytes research in the next 10 years are mainly related to training of human resources for the preparation of the state bryophyte flora, providing tools for studies that use the taxonomic unit (species) as an object.

Bryophytes; plant biodiversity; mosses; liverworts; hornworts

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