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Biometry of fruits and diaspores of Cryptocarya aschersoniana Mez and Cryptocarya moschata Nees (Lauraceae)

Data of the biometry of fruits and diaspores of Cryptocarya aschersoniana Mez and C. moschata Nees are presented. Fruits were collected from 12 populations of seven different localities of southeast Brazil. Using the logistic regression and the linear discriminant analysis, the species were classified according to the equations generated by these techniques. For entire fruits, the variables length, diameter, surface and volume were selected and accounted for 94.4% of concordance among the associations of expected and observed probabilities. Similarly, the variables length, diameter, surface and volume of diaspores were selected accounting for 88.0% of concordance. Cluster analysis was also performed. Variances within and among plants were observed in fruits and diaspores of both species. All variables were important for discrimination of groups. The three groups obtained either for fruits or diaspores were related with a gradation in their dimensions. Distinct grouping indicates presence of genetic variability within collected material. Additionally, to determine whether there was occurrence of isometry, the allometric relationships between length and diameter in fruits and diaspores were examined. Using the major axis technique, the ln(diameter) on ln(length) for fruits and diaspores were regressed. Fruits of C. aschersoniana tended to show positive allometry, while those of C. moschata tended to present isometry. For diaspores, both species had a tendency towards positive allometry.

Biometry; allometry; fruit size; fruit shape; major axis regression; cluster

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