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Length-weight relationships of the ichthyofauna from a coastal subtropical system: a tool for biomass estimates and ecosystem modelling

Relações comprimento-peso da ictiofauna de um sistema costeiro subtropical: uma ferramenta para estimativas de biomassa e modelagem de ecossistemas


Aiming to analyse the growth pattern, to allow biomass estimates and consequently to subsidize the ecosystem modelling, the length-weight relationships (LWR) of 39 fish species from the Araçá Bay, a subtropical coastal area chosen as model for a holistic study comprising environmental, social and economic aspects have been estimated. The objective of this study was to provide LWR for the fishes from the area itself, accurately based on the life stages of fish populations present there. Particularly for Albula vulpes, Trachinotus carolinus, T. falcatus, Archosargus rhomboidalis and Kyphosus sectatrix these are the first records of LWR in Brazil.

Araçá Bay; relative growth; Huxley model; Brazil

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