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Galls of Cecidoses eremita Curtis and Eucecidoses minutanus Brèthes (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) in Magdalena, Buenos Aires Province: preliminary study and associated fauna

Agallas de Cecidoses eremita Curtis y Eucecidoses minutanus Brèthes (Lepidoptera: Cecidosidae) en Magdalena, Prov. de Buenos Aires: muestreo preliminar y fauna asociada


In Argentina, five galling species of the family Cecidosidae (Lepidoptera), including Cecidoses eremita Curtis and Eucecidoses minutanus Brèthes, have been cited. This note reports a preliminary study of their galls in "molles" (Schinus longifolius (Lindl.) Speg.) of Magdalena (Buenos Aires, Argentina). In April 2013, galls of C. eremita and E. minutanus were censused in randomly selected "molles". In April and December 2013, randomly selected galls were then collected and transported to our laboratory in hermetic bags, and conserved at -18 ºC until examination. Maximum diameter and wall thickness of collected galls were measured. About 84% of the observed "molles" (103/123) had galls of C. eremita and/or E. minutanus. The median of galls per tree was 12 (Q1=6; Q3=22). Eucecidoses minutanus had galls with smaller diameter (U11;53= 583; P<0.05) and thinner wall (U10;52=506.5; P<0..05) than C. eremita. In open galls, we found Pseudoescorpionida, Araneae (Segestriidae and Salticidae), and larvae of Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera. Within closed galls, we found adults of Torymidae and Chalcidoidea, and larvae of Ichneumonoidea.

Schinus longifolius; native forest; parasitoid; Ichneumonoidea; Torymidae

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