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The genus Vaucheria D.C. (Vaucheriaceae, Xanthophyceae) in southern Brazil: taxonomic and ecological aspects

(The genus Vaucheria D.C. [Vaucheriaceae, Xanthophyceae] in Southern Brazil: taxonomic and ecology aspects). Taxonomic survey and environmental occurrence of the genus Vaucheria were investigated in 105 streams from Southern Brazil. Abiotic variables were correlated to species occurrence. Three species were identified according to gametangia characteristics: V. geminata (Vauch.) D.C., V. taylorii Blum and V. sessilis (Vauch.) D.C.; the latter is reported for the first time in Brazil. The results of this survey suggest that Vaucheria is influenced by environmental characteristics, occurring mainly, in neutral to slightly acidic pH, low turbidity, slow current velocity and in partly shaded streams. This combination of variables seems to be the most favorable in the Vaucheria population establishment in lotic habitats independently of biome.

distribution; taxonomy; Vaucheria; Vaucheriales; Xanthophyceae

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