Faunal composition of wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea) in a seasonal forest from Serra da Bodoquena National Park, Brazil

This work aims at performing the inventory of predator wasps' fauna (Hymenoptera, Vespoidea) from Serra da Bodoquena National Park, Brazil, municipalities of Bodoquena, Bonito, Jardim and Porto Murtinho; with a discontinuous period of 42 days of collecting, between February/2007 to December/2008. Seven expeditions were undertaken in the field in areas of deciduous and semi deciduous seasonal forest. The techniques employed in faunal inventory were: active collection with entomological net, Malaise traps, Möericke traps and hand collecting. Three-hundred sixty one specimens in Vespoidea group were captured, represented by 107 species in 59 genera, distributed in the following families: Vespidae, Pompilidae, Mutillidae, Tiphiidae and Scoliidae. Vespidae were the most frequently sampled group. Pompilidae presented a wider range of records in relation to collection methods; however most genera are sampled by an exclusive technique. Scoliidae was only represented by tree individuals. Polybia (gr. occidentalis) and Agelaia multipicta (Vespidae) were the most abundant between all the Aculeata wasps sampled. Sixty one species was sampled with only one individual (singletons). This data input new records of distribution of wasp's species to Central Western Brazil with biogeographical interest.

aculeate wasps; community structure; diversity; dry forest; quick inventory

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