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Seasonality of Mansonia titillans during dam construction, Biritiba-Mirim, São Paulo State, Brazil

Sazonalidade de Mansonia titillans durante a construção de uma represa, Biritiba-Mirim, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

A two and a half year survey was conducted at a dam in southeastern Brazil. Shannon Traps were used for sampling. Kruskal-Wallis test showed little relation between rainfall and abundance. The data clearly show three abundance peaks, all of them in the end of the dry season, in consonance with the scarce literature existent. Although Kruskal-Wallis Test did not find a clear preference for the dry season, Pairwise Wilcoxon Rank Test revealed a significant difference between Fall and Spring samples. Ma. titillans population had a peak on late winter/early spring, close to the begin of wet season.

mansoniini; insect vector; artificial lake

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