Complex regional pain syndrome in the orofacial region. Case report

Elba Lúcia Wanderley Santos Igor Santos Sales Nadja Maria Jorge Asano Maria das Graças Wanderley de Sales Coriolano About the authors



The complex regional pain syndrome is characterized by presenting autonomic, sensory and motor difficult to control changes of the chronic evolution. Its pathophysiology and treatment are not fully defined, and the search for an increasingly effective treatment is a subject of medical concern. The involvement of the orofacial region has an even rarer incidence, and the literature reports only 14 cases in five decades. The objective of this report was to warn physicians and researchers about the importance of a correct diagnosis and to show the possibility of controlling this dysfunction with conservative treatment.


A 68-year-old female patient, who after a facial trauma and three subsequent surgical procedures, developed orofacial complex regional pain syndrome. Several therapeutic regimens were performed, and after the last one she became completely asymptomatic: oxcarbazepine (900mg/day), morphine-controlled liberation (120mg/day), fluoxetine (40mg/day) and clonazepam (2mg/day), electrotherapy and oral rehabilitation.


The diagnosis criteria for complex regional pain syndrome recommended by the International Association for the Study of Pain, revised in 2007, should be followed. The treatment of this neuropathic syndrome includes anticonvulsants, tricyclics, opioids, electrotherapy and somatic and stellate ganglion block, the latter when the pain is maintained by the sympathetic nervous system. In this report of an orofacial complex regional pain syndrome II, pain control was shown without the need for sympathetic ganglion block, which can be a warning to the medical class to a correct diagnosis and an effective and less invasive treatment.

Algodystrophy; Causalgia; Diagnosis; Facial pain; Reflex sympathetic dystrophy; Therapeutics

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