Use of galactose to vitrify ram semen in straws

Márcio Calixto Matias Allan Rodolf Ribeiro Cézar Juliana Carla Cavalcanti Marques Fernanda Karla Ataide da Silva Vitória Nayreli Freire Gonçalves Sandes Diogo Ribeiro Câmara About the authors


Sperm vitrification is a technique with great potential for cryopreservation of genetic material, with superior effectiveness compared to conventional methods in some species. However, few studies have shown its efficiency with ejaculated sperm of rams and the use of galactose as an extracellular cryoprotectant during vitrification. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of galactose (0.01 M), with or without glycerol addition (3% and 7%) in a commercial extender (Steridyl® - control) for ram sperm cryopreservation in straws, comparing the classic freezing method and vitrification. Ejaculates from six breeding soundness Dorper rams were collected with an artificial vagina, aliquoted, individually diluted (100 × 106 sperm/mL) on extenders tested, loaded into 0.25 mL straws, and subjected to a classic freezing method or vitrification. Sperm kinematics, morphology, morphometry, viability, and physical and functional integrity of the sperm membrane were evaluated. The classic freezing method resulted in higher total and progressive motility than vitrification, as no motility was detected in vitrified samples after rewarming (p<0.05). The addition of galactose or glycerol to the commercial medium did not benefit both vitrification and the classic freezing method.

Semen biotechnology; Ultra-rapid freezing; Cryoprotectants; Reproduction

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