Characterization and uses of the forest park "Falls of Rio Bonito" localized in the municipality of Lavras/MG, through a opinion research

"Falls of Rio Bonito" is the unique metropolitan park of the Lavras city - Minas Gerais state. It is localized out of the urban perimeter, and it has as main objective the environment preservation. It is still very used as an touristic attraction, which is very important for the city. With the purpose of doing an analysis of the population vision on their characteristics and use, we realized an opinion research was accomplished, by interviewing representatives of 600 families, to them a standardized questionnaire was applied, with direct and descriptive questions. The results showed that the Park "Falls of Rio Bonito" is frequented by 60.5% of the interviewed, being these mainly of the classes of medium and high income. It was observed that 39.5% of the interviewed had never visited the park and the main alleged reason was the transport lack. It was verified that the park attracts part of the population in spite of being out of the urban perimeter, because it has activities and contemplations diversified.

Parks; leisure

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