Maize production components in different epochs of nitrogen fertilization in coverture in the conventional and no-till systems

The objective of this work was to evaluate the maize production components in conventional and in no-till systems, under the straw of black oat (Avena strigosa Sereb), after different epochs of N fertilization in coverture. The black oat produced 6,37 t ha-1 of straw. It was not verified significant difference between the epochs of fertilization and plantation systems for the characteristics: stand, plant height, ear height, number of ears per plant, broken and fallen plants and productivity. The female flowering was faster in the conventional than in no-till system, because plant emergency is quicker than in no-till. The time of female flowering for conventional and for no-tillage system was 74 and 76 days, respectively

No-tillage; corn; nitrogen fertilizer in coverture

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