Isoezymatic characterization and peroxidase activity in leaves of hyperhydric, intermediary and normal plants of Bidens pilosa L. grown in vitro

Activity of peroxidase (EC and isozymes analysis of a Bidens pilosa clone maintained in vitro culture were characterized in hyperhydric, intermediary and normal plants. Electrophorese in starch gels (12%) of six isozymes systems was tested, polymorphisms in peroxidase and acid phosphatase (EC were detected. There was absence of polymorphism in phosphoglucoisomerase (EC, phosphoglucomutase (EC, glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (EC and malate dehydrogenase (EC Comparing the activity of peroxidase enzyme, it was higher in hyperhydric and intermediary plants in relation to normal ones. Enzymatic variability is a potential tool as hyperhydricity marker in plants grown in vitro.

Isoenzyme; hyperhydricity; vitrification

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