Yield-related performance of cv Cabernet Sauvingnon and Petite Syrah on different rootstocks

Grapevines cv. Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are largely used for high quality vine making all around the world. In Brazil they are concentrated moreover, at the Rio Grande do Sul state and in the São Francisco Valley. Producers from Jundiaí region (São Paulo state) have been interested in such cultivars for improved quality vine making as they generally use american cultivars for that propose. Aiming study the performance of cv Cabernet Sauvingnon and Syrah, cultivated over different rootstocks an experiment was conducted in the region of Jundiaí (SP) (23º06' S; 46º55' W, 715 m). Results showed that there wasn't influence of different rootstocks on the performance of both analyzed cultivars. It was observed a trend of the rootstock IAC 571-6 'Jundiaí' to improve final yield of cv Syrah. The Rootstocks IAC 572 'Jales' and IAC 571-6 'Jundiaí' combined to Syrah resulted in the highest yield in the experiment. The Syrah shows itself to be a good alternative when planting for quality vine making in the region of the experiment.

Grapevine; rootstocks; Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah

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