Investigation of the sintering kinetics for initial stage in SnO2: ZnO system

L. Kupchak S. R. M. Antunes M. V. Parizotto S. M. Tebcherani D. Setti S. A. Pianaro A. C. Antunes About the authors

The sintering of SnO2:0.6 mol% ZnO obtained by powder mixtures was investigated by dilatometry at constant heating rates 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 ºC.min-1. Using classical sintering models of Woolfrey-Bannister and Johnson to analyze the initial stage sintering, the calculated activation energy was 547 kJ.mol-1 and 511 kJ.mol-1, respectively. The coexistence of the two sintering mechanisms, volume diffusion and grain boundary diffusion, was found to control the initial stage sintering of the SnO2:0.6 mol % ZnO system.

sintering; SnO2; kinetics; mechanisms; activation energy

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