WOOD ANATOMY OF Acacia nitidifolia Speg. (Leguminosae Mimonoideae)

José Newton Cardoso Marchiori About the author


The objective of this paper is to study the wood anatomy of Acacia nitidifolia Speg. The anatomical structure shows diffuse porosity, vessel members of short length and simple perforation plates, short and vestured intravascular pits, axial parenchyma in paratracheal vasicentric and marginal crystalliferous strands, homogeneous and commonly 2-3-seriate rays, and septate libriform fibers. The presence of intercellular axial channels and cellular channels in the ray structure, are of great taxonomic value. The last feature was unknown to the genus Acacia. The anatomical analysis of the wood indicates that the species studied can be placed in the series of vulgar Bentham, which corresponds, in broad terms, to the sub-genus Aculeiferum Vassal.

Wood anatomy; wood taxonomy; Acacia nitidifolia; Leguminosae Mimosoidae

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