COMPARED BIONOMICS OF THE TWIG GIRDLERS, Oncideres saga saga (DALMAN, 1823) AND Oncideres dejeani (THOMSON, 1868) (COLEOPTERA: CERAMBYCIDAE) IN Parapiptadenia rigida.

Dionísio Link Ervandil Corrêa Costa Adriene Brill Thum About the authors


Some biological parameters of the twig girdlers, Oncideres saga saga (Dalman, 1823) and Oncideres dejeani (Thomson, 1868) on red angico tree, Parapiptadenia rigida (Leguminosae) were compared in Santa Maria, RS state. Measurements were taken about the imago emergence hole, diameter of the cut branch, length and volume of larvae-pupae gallery. Both twig girdlers presented the adult emergence hole in an almost circular form and developed in branches of different diameters. O. saga saga dug depeer galleries and consumed greater wood volume than O. dejeani.

Compared biology; twig girdler; Oncideres saga saga; Oncideres dejeani; Parapiptadenia rigida

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