The Kyoto Protocol and the possibilities for the insertion of Brazil at the Clean Development Mechanism through projects in clean energy

This article intends to study the insertion of Brazil at the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol, through clean energy projects, emphasizing the cooperation between developed and developing countries, and aiming the practical actions that this mechanism allows to build up in order to reach the sustainable development and to stop the global warming. To achieve this, an intense bibliographic review of the international agreements concerning climate change, and books and articles about the Brazilian insertion on the Kyoto Protocol and on the Clean Development Mechanism was done. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement, which predicts the reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions through flexibly mechanisms. The Clean Development Mechanism is the only one that allows the participation of developing countries, for them to reduce emissions through projects that look for sustainable development. In this context, Brazil emerges as an attractive country to receive these projects, due to its vocation to develop alternative sources of energy and for its leadership on the Protocol's negotiation process. The CDM is therefore a great opportunity to Brazil, since these projects represent a source for financial resources for the country to seek the sustainable development, besides encouraging a greater scientific knowledge and the adoption of new and clean technologies.

Global Warming; Sustainable Development; Kyoto Protocol; Clean Energy

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