Competing obstetric care models and activism for humanization of parturition

Sara Sousa Mendonça About the author


This article aims to analyze the contemporary conflict about the chidbirth: between supporters of the “technocratic” model and supporters of the “humanized” model of assistance. This is primarily a conflict between defenders of the normal birth and the caesarian section. I intend to examine the medical discourses about possible obstetric practices in order to analyze how each group (those who defend the normal birth and those who support the caesarian section) builds and authorizes his discourse. I will focus on the paths taken by physicians who studied in technocratic schools but adopted the humanized model. I will also analyze how activists and other women relate, respond and place themselves in relation to the medical discourses, considering the role played by them as reproducers and builders of these speeches.

Childbirth; Medical; models; Activism; Humanization

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