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CrossFit®: Injury prevalence and main risk factors

Taline Santos da Costa Clayder Tobias Navega Louzada Gustavo Kenzo Miyashita Paulo Henrique Jeronimo da Silva Heloisa Yumi Fujiya Sungaila Paulo Henrique Schmidt Lara Alberto de Castro Pochini Benno Ejnisman Moisés Cohen Gustavo Gonçalves Arliani About the authors


This study sought to determine prevalences of injuries associated with CrossFit® training and assess profiles of these injuries and the affected athletes.


Data were collected over a 12-month period using a questionnaire administered directly to practitioners at CrossFit®-affiliated fitness centers in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Of the 414 participants, 157 (37.9%) participants reported having suffered an injury while practicing CrossFit®.


The injury rate was 3.24 injuries per 1,000 hours of training. The probability of injury for athletes who had practiced CrossFit® for longer than 12 months was 82.2%, which was higher than the corresponding probability for beginner athletes. The probability of injury was 5-fold higher among competitive-level athletes than that among less-experienced athletes. No evidence of an association between the occurrence of injuries during CrossFit® practice and any of the following athlete characteristics was found: age, gender, practice of other sports, weight, and height. The incidence of injuries in this sports modality was similar to that in other modalities, including Olympic weight lifting (OWL), basic weight lifting, and artistic gymnastics.


CrossFit® appears to be a training program that is suitable for different age groups when performed in a safe environment and with assistance from qualified professionals.

Injuries; Prevalence; Sports

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