Some remarks on the place of Nietzsche’s philosophy in Robert Musil’s The man without qualities


This paper proposes to develop an analysis of the influence of Nietzsche’s philosophy in Robert Musil’ oeuvre, especially in Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften. It is our purpose to consider the relevance of Nietzsche’s philosophy in the mature Musil, and to refuse the conclusions advanced by Jacques Bouveresse regarding Nietzsche’s philosophy as a mere (and infecund) philosophical influence limited to the youth Musil. Accordingly, the analysis of the importance of the vivisection, as a philosophical-psychological task proclaimed by Nietzsche (in Jenseits von Gut und Böse) in Musil’s novel - Musil as a vivisecteur and psychologist - forms the heart of this article.

Robert Musil; Nietzsche; vivisection; psychology

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