Adaptation of the Brazilian Functional Auditory Performance Indicators - Short Version

Maria Eduarda Braga de Araújo Maria Clara de Oliveira Lima Wanderson Laerte de Oliveira Carvalho Joseli Soares Brazorotto About the authors



To adapt the Brazilian Functional Auditory Performance Indicators protocol to a short version including the production of material and an application manual.


Methodological, descriptive, cross-sectional study with a quantitative and qualitative approach conducted with seven speech-language therapists who applied the protocol to 34 children with hearing loss and their guardians. The analysis of content validity and the instrument reliability evaluated the semantic equivalence, analysis of satisfaction of speech therapists, and statistical tests of Cronbach’s Alpha and Kappa coefficient.


The short version, called FAPI-r, was adapted considering coefficients that indicate internal consistency and almost perfect inter-evaluator agreement. Speech-language therapists reported satisfaction with the instrument and stated that the manual facilitates the understanding of the test application. However, there was no agreement between the assessment of speech-language therapists and the answers of families, indicating a need for a greater insertion of families in the therapeutic scenario.


The adapted FAPI-r has validity and reliability, promising future developments for research and clinical performance in the population of hard of hearing children.

Reproducibility of Tests; Hearing; Auditory Perception; Hearing Loss; Rehabilitation

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