Gender, race and school evaluation: a study with literacy teachers

This study aimed to verify if both the definition of plain educational goals and the adoption of clearly defined evaluation criteria could minimize inequalities at school, especially those related to socioeconomic, sex and race disparities noticed within a group of students referred to additional support activities by nine literacy teachers at different public schools in the city of São Paulo. The teachers were interviewed and the students answered a socioeconomic survey. Furthermore, observations within the schools were taken. The study concludes that the disproportionate number of children from low income families in that group is due to the particular role teachers attribute to those activities, which are considered not as a punishment, but as an opportunity to learn. Also, the incidence of black, mixed and native students is slightly reduced when evaluation criteria are precise. Finally, it is easily noticed that girls and boys are equally referred when only the learning process is evaluated, and not behavior problems. Some indications to initial and continuing education of teachers are also made.


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