Day care center and family: an essential partnership

Damaris Gomes Maranhão Cynthia Andersen Sarti About the authors

Case study in a public day care center aims to investigate the relationships between children's families and day care center's professionals. In spite of the efforts of professionals, there are evident difficulties in their interaction, due to different points of view. Considering that conflicts are inherent to psychical and social life and that it is necessary to explicit and negotiate them to achieve common objectives, the article searches to apprehend the point of view of the subjects involved in the child care. The analysis showed that confidence is constructed over "time", during the process of sharing the child care, adjusting expectations and negotiating different conceptions, values and knowledge. Conflicts neither explicit nor discussed might impair the care given to the child who experiences and perceives when the differences between the day care center and the family are a focus of tension.


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