Capes' basic education council and teachers education

This paper analyzes the role of the National Scientific and Technical Council for Basic Education of CAPES in the context of policies for teacher education and accreditation for elementary and high school education. The role of this council is to support CAPES' Basic Education Directories in the formulation of policies and development of activities to support teachers' formation. Installed in 2008, its main contribution was to define a National Education Policy for Basic Education Professionals, which led to the publication of Decree 6.755/2009, with guidelines and strategic indications for teacher formation. Following the definition of this decree, the lack of systematization of the attributions of the council hampered its ability to monitor policies and allow it to contribute to the establishment of the actions needed for their execution, which is decisive to assist CAPES lessen the distance between financial support for research and graduate studies and support programs for initial and continued education of elementary and high school teachers.

public policies; teacher education; basic education; CAPES

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