Professional choices and impacts on the wage differential between men and women

Regina Madalozzo Rinaldo Artes About the authors


Our goal is to understand two main factors related to professional choice: the profile of individuals who choose different occupations and the resulting differentiation of remuneration of these people based on their personal characteristics as well as their occupational choices. Using data from Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios - Pnad - 2013 (INSTITUTO BRASILEIRO DE GEOGRAFIA E ESTATÍSTICA - IBGE, 2014), we have concluded that there are significant differences in the personal characteristics of individuals who choose traditional occupations in addition to how they are remunerated. Although women who choose to work in male professions earn a salary, which is comparable to that of men, the salary gap is only reduced in traditional professions (law, engineering or medicine).

Labour Market; Gender; Salary; Profess Ional Choice

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