Literature review: the concept of school management

Ivana Campos Oliveira Ione Vasques-Menezes About the authors


The article intends to contribute to the systematization of the topic school management, identifying the existence or not of gaps in the literature on the subject, analyzing the publications and the evolution of the concept of management. It is a review of national and international doctoral dissertations and articles indexed in SCIELO and PEPSIC databases from 2005 to 2015. The theoretical framework is based on authors such as Libâneo (2007), Lück (2007), Paro (2008), and Vasconcelos (2009). Research findings indicate that, whereas initially the concept of school management pointed to the more administrative aspects, over time it encompassed more pedagogical and political content. It was also observed that there has been an increase in the research on school management over the last years, with emphasis on the democratic management of schools.

School Management; Literature Review; Research

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