Persistence and dropout in the vocational education high school in Minas Gerais

This article focuses on some considerations concerning the multiple contexts of carrying out the research Vocation education and school dropout in Minas Gerais. Amongst its main objectives, this inquiry tries to identify the factors that contribute to the student's persistence (continuation) or dropout in vocational and technical education in the State of Minas Gerais. To begin with, it discusses some analysis of the conditions which favours student's persistence or dropout. Next is examined the context of Brazilian educational policies and the relationship between basic education and vocational education. It also points out the scarcity of theoretical and empirical information on the question. To illustrate the problem of the school dropout, it gives some empirical data related to a Program of Vocational Education in Minas Gerais, and briefly analyses them. Finally, it presents some preliminary conclusions.

dropping out; vocational education; technical education; secondary education

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