The concept of professionalism in teaching in more recent studies

Sílvia De Paula Gorzoni Claudia Davis About the authors


The aim of this study is to contribute to the theoretical understanding of the concept of professionalism in teaching. To this end, this paper presents part of an integrative review study of the topic, including works by international authors. The five most accessed articles in education (according to the SciELO base) from 2006 to 2014 were also selected. The results showed that professionalism in teaching is associated with several aspects such as: specific professional knowledge; one’s own way of being and acting as a teacher; the development of a professional identity built on the actions of the teacher and in the light of social demands inside and outside the school; the construction of expertise and the development of their own teaching skills acquired during initial and/or continued training, and also during their work experience. Finally, there was the need to report on the term “profession”, whose origin is sociological and polysemic, and difficult to define unequivocally.

Teacher Education; Professional Training; Competence; Skills

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