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Women without Borders? A Study on The Participation of Women in Unicamp’s ‘Science Without Borders’ Programme: Motivations, Challenges and Impacts on Professional Trajectory

Rebeca Buzzo Feltrin Janaina Oliveira Pamplona da Costa Léa Velho About the authors


This study investigates the Brazilian international mobility ‘Science without Borders’ (SwB) Programme, in particular the case of Unicamp (Brazil). The article addresses how women are performing in the SwB Programme when compared to men, and which factors may explain such performance. The results show that Unicamp female students have higher participation than male students in the SwB compared to their paticipation at Unicamp courses, and suggest that cultural capital might be an explaining factor for women supersede barriers to participate in international mobility programmes.

International Mobility; Science without Borders (Brazil); Unicamp; Women; Gender Inclusion and Cultural Capital

Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero - Pagu Universidade Estadual de Campinas, PAGU Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz", Rua Cora Coralina, 100, 13083-896, Campinas - São Paulo - Brasil, Tel.: (55 19) 3521 7873, (55 19) 3521 1704 - Campinas - SP - Brazil