Fundamental thematic in gender and sciences in Brazil: race/ethnics, is there a lack?

This article reflects on the Gender and Sciences in Brazil, aiming at: a) estimating and identifying the predominant thematics approached in different representative studies of the area; b) reflecting on the advances and gaps, observing to which extent the analyses recuperate the intersections between gender and race/ethnicity. Several representative contributions were analyzed, and it was possible to classify the thematic into three great tendencies. Despite the advances represented by such set of contributions, it is also observed that the emphasis has been mostly on the asymmetries between men and women; the empirical research has contemplated, with certain frequency, the intersections between gender and generations through the analysis of data comprehended by age; in some research, it is possible to find information on the social-economical profile of the women under study; analyses that bring the racial and ethnic question to the center of the debate have not been found, turning this lack into a great epistemological and political challenge.

Gender; Sciences; Fundamental Thematic; Intersections

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