Elegance and attitude: social and gender differences in the fashion world

The most evident distinctions that can be seen in the fashion market are those related to gender differences, independently from the social class or group. In such universe, the notions of elegance and attitude can be found, and they condense simultaneously gender, social and individual marks. In the case of the notion of elegance, the discourse, as well as the clothes or the individual him/herself, always refers to a certain conception of the social order conceived as natural. Gender differences are relevant in this context because they indicate social positions understood as natural ones. Otherwise, the notion of attitude does not necessarily demand a social and natural order, but an individual one. Discourse and clothes reveal an individualistic aspect, assuming that it is the individual who produces meaning in his/her social insertion, even if only temporarily. In this context, most of the time, individualism is expressed in a genderless language.

Fashion; Gender; Social Distinction; Representation of Reality

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