Ambivalent rhetorics: resentment and negotiation in youth sociability contexts in Cape Town (South Africa)

The goal of this article is to reflect upon a series of questions concerning racism, sexuality and intercultural contact in South Africa and, specifically, Cape Town. The city, once acclaimed as democratic, with an expressive colored and gay-friendly population, has recently been (re)presented as one of the most unequal cities of post-apartheid South Africa. Here, we follow the life trajectories of some men and women, both homo- and heterosexual, of different races and regions, listening to their experiences in order to reveal their fields of negotiation and to thus qualify some re-signified forms of exclusion. Specifically, our objective is to analyze a new and relatively recent social sensibility arising within the "rainbow nation" (the experience of admixture in intersectionality with distinct social difference markers) that does not necessarily imply sexual-affective inter-racial dating.

Race; Sexuality; Gender; Reconciliation; South Africa; Cape Town

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