Impact of tooth loss in quality of life

In order to evaluate the impact of tooth loss in patient's quality of life, 50 volunteers were selected among patients who use the Public Health Services in treatment for their complete denture's placement or replacement. The Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14) and a socio-demographic data collection were applied before treatment. The values were founded through the weight of each question in association with Likert's Scale. As higher was the score, higher was the impact in the quality of life. In this survey 82% were female, 52% of patients between 41 and 60 years old (average: 59.1), and 34% married. The higher values of OHIP-14 dimensions in patient's quality of life were: Psychological Discomfort (122), Physical Pain (121), Psychological Disability (113), Physical Disability (109), Functional Limitation (93), Handicap (82) and Social Disability (76). As it could be observed, the lost of teeth or the use of inadequate prosthesis could bring negative impacts in life's quality, especially regarding preoccupation, stress with mouth problems and shame, although people perceive minor impacts in social relationships and development of their daily activities. This information can be relevant to prepare dentists to raise their knowledge about edentulous people and how to work with them.

Quality of Life; Tooth loss; Impact

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