Popularization of oral self-examination: an example of non formal education - Part II

Fernanda Campos Sousa de Almeida Dorival Pedroso da Silva Maria Alice Amoroso Reinaldo de Brito e Dias Oswaldo Crivello Junior Maria Ercilia de Araújo About the authors

One of the largest challenges of the universities, especially the public ones, is to transpose the scientific knowledge produced into their walls for the general population. The non-formal education is an important tool, and yet very little used by researchers and professors to approximate the scientific knowledge. The oral cancer reaches more than 11.000 Brazilians a year. In spite of the high incidence, this pathology is still little known by the general population and part of the medical and dental class. Basing on the epidemic data in researches and scientific papers, the oral cancer was the elect theme for the action in education and communication of the first national campaign with no government character of prevention in oral cancer, being a great example of as that can be made. This paper intends to describe the methodology used in communication and the results obtained in this successful experience.

Prevention; Non formal education; Oral cancer; Campaign; Communication

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