Preceptorship in Family and Community Medicine: challenges and achievements in a Primary Health Care in progress

Mellina Marques Vieira Izecksohn Jorge Esteves Teixeira Junior Bruno Pereira Stelet Adelson Guaraci Jantsch About the authors


Strengthening Primary Health Care (PHC) relies directly on training medical specialists in primary care. This text aims to report the Family Medicine training experiences in Rio de Janeiro between 2008 and 2016. It brings to reflection the development of preceptors in medical specialization through an experience report on three Family Medicine medical residency programs, namely, the Municipal Health Secretariat program, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro program and the National School of Public Health program. The PHC reform in Rio de Janeiro created a demand for medical specialists working in networks, leading to the expansion of already established medical residency programs and the establishment of a new program sponsored by the Municipal Health Secretariat, providing new teaching positions in several health facilities within the municipal network. These three residency programs progressed through different paths to provide training to their preceptors, offering permanent courses and local actions seeking higher professional qualification and better balance between care and education responsibilities. Permanent investments to strengthen medical residency programs and preceptors training are essential to consolidate the PHC reform nationwide.

Family and community medicine; Primary Health Care; Medical internship and residency; Preceptorship

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