Perception of students of a public university on the Education Program for Work in Health

This study sought to analyze the Education Program for Work in Health from the perspective of students at a public university in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, in their first year and its impact on the students' qualification. It is a prospective cohort study with students who participated on this program, and the data was collected by a structured and self-applied questionnaire, during the sixth and tenth months of the program, with sociodemographic questions, methodology, aims and impact of the program. The majority reported that the program's proposed aims were attained, especially interdisciplinary work and academic research focused on the Unified Health System's needs. The program also contributed to training in research, teaching and extension work, and in the second evaluation, the students reported greater interaction with social equipment. It is considered that the program is an important strategy for human resources training in accordance with the Unified Health System's needs, by enabling the exercise of teamwork, communication, agility and creativity to deal with adverse situations, as well as the practice of the primary health care principles integrated in the community.

Human resources training; Professional education in public health; Teaching care integration services; Primary Health Care; Unified Health System

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