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Humanized attention in neonatal intensive-care unit: senses and limitations identified by health professionals

The present study aims at analyzing, from the point of view of health professionals, the proposal of humanized care and at detecting the senses and limits, identified by those professionals to the provision of such care. It was an exploratory and qualitative study where a group of twelve professionals from a multiprofessional team in a neonatal Intensive-Care Unit were interviewed. The survey showed that there are significant obstacles to the provision of humanized care, such as lack of material and human resources, which increase the workload, relationship conflicts and absence of infrastructure both to professionals and to the performance of humanization initiatives, as, for instance, Breastfeeding Mother Accommodations. The study showed that despite difficulties, professionals come up with strategies to accomplish what is laid down in the National Humanization Policy by the Ministry of Health.

Care humanization; Health care team; Neonatal ICU; Pleasure and suffering

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