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Evaluation of emergency hospital services in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Gisele O´Dwyer Isabela Escórcio Augusto da Matta Vera Lucia Edais Pepe About the authors

This study aimed at the evaluation of urgency/emergency hospital units and recorded the relations of emergency units with users, other hospital services and the healthcare network and approached the size of the teams, the relations among the professionals, their qualification and income. It further describes the infrastructure of these services including basic organizational aspects. The aspect care was one component in this broader object. It is a descriptive study applying a questionnaire to the heads of the emergency services of a sample of 30 hospitals.The statements suggest the overcrowding of emergency services (in 80% of hospitals) deteriorating the work and care conditions to be due to the inefficiency of primary care and the healthcare network. The deficit of human resources was found larger than the lack of technology. The precarious employment relations were considered a factor hampering the qualification and retention of professionals. The most favorably evaluated items were: relationship with service heads, trust and expectations with regard to the service. The worst items were: wages, team size and labor medicine. The nvestment in human resources is indispensable. There is a need for public policies that articulate more efficient interventions given that those in force are defining the configuration of territories with their hierarchized and solidary networks.

Emergency; Evaluation; Hospital quality

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