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Phenomenology as a method applied to nursing science: research study


In a more inductive or deductive way, several theorists have problematized about nursing care in which they seek to clarify nursing science focus of attention. The phenomenological perspective allows us to perceive the human lived experience and unveil their meaningful understanding as a person. Stemming from the question ‘What is the lived transition experience of the maternal role of women with problems of addiction to psychoactive substances, from pregnancy to the first year of the child’s life?’ This research distills the core principles of a qualitative research, with a phenomenological and interpretative design, with the objective of understanding the lived experience transition process of the maternal role of women with problems psychoactive substances addition. The research does not only reveal the contribution of phenomenological studies in the development of nursing science, but also enhances the living experience of women with addiction problems to psychoactive substances, during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and the first year of their children’s life, enabling nurses to develop specific interventions to dealt with this problematic issue under study.

Key words:
Phenomenology; Living experience; Nursing; Maternal role

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