Profile of the rice and beans food option when eating away from home at a buffet-by-weight restaurant

Alline Gouvea Martins Rodrigues Rossana Pacheco da Costa Proença Maria Cristina Marino Calvo Giovanna Medeiros Rataichesck Fiates About the authors

The scope of this cross-sectional study was to describe the prevalence and factors associated with the choice of rice and beans (CRB) among diners in a buffet-by-weight restaurant. Data on anthropometric, socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics as well as weight and photographic record of the dishes chosen by the diner were collected. The representative sample consisted of 675 luncheon diners, aged between 16 and 81. A subsample of 396 diners was analyzed, consisted of two groups: CRB and non-CRB. The Chi-square test verified the representativeness of the subsample in relation to the total sample. The Wald test, the chi-square test and the Poisson regression with robust variance examined the associations between the CRB and the data collected. Rice and beans were not chosen by 38.4% of diners. The conclusion drawn is that the CRB can still be considered the norm among Brazilians and more frequent among men. The choice of not opting for the CRB appears to be associated with less healthy eating habits and increased risk of overweight/obesity.

Eating away from home; Nutrition in the production of meals; Nutritional status; Food choice; Digital photography

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