The universalization of rights and the promotion of equity: the case of the health of the black population

Deivison Mendes Faustino About the author


This article takes the field of “health of the black population” as an object to problematize some tensions and possibilities existing around the operationalization of the concepts of universality and equity in public policies and no debate about the right to the city. The question that mobilizes it is: how to articulate the search for the universalization of rights with demands mobilized by specific groups in an unequal society. In order to respond, to approve the debates and the resistances surrounding the institutionalization of the National Policy of Integral Health of the Black Population and its relation with the prerogatives of the Unified Health System. The result is a critique of the universalization/targeting and recognition/distribution and pointing to a dialectical approach. Categories that consider a mediation between singularity, particularity and universality.

Key words
Universality; Equity; Black population health

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